Bert Finnikin 55 Supercar

 photo cs55_zps6741f099.jpg

Back in the sixties when special building was developing into something of an art, all the best cars were built in the south or Midlands, and became much sought after by northern drivers in search of success. The builder s in that era were the likes of Johnnie Brise , Darkie Wright , Aubrey Leighton and Trevor Frost , but as the sixties drew to a close , and the seventies dawned, the star builders became northern names , and by the mid seventies, the complete reverse was , in operation with northern cars or chassis being bought by southerners in their quest for race honours.

The great turning point came with Dave Chisholme s purchase of the Cronshaw 454 Chevy in 1973. There followed Cronshaw chassis in the hands of Dennis Driscoll, Gordon Pernin , Pete Guinchard and Mo Smith , and in the wings a former ,formula two star never far from the Chisholm Camp decided that a tape measure and drawing pad were required if he 'was to 'build a successful entry into the world of big league stox.

His name was Allan Young, and the Supercar above was the eventual product of a couple of years on and off construction. It eventually hit the tracks towards the end of seventy six, with the kind of 'results that fell just short of story­book. Like the odd three or four laps short, in a word frustrating! Allan came very close on a number of occasions to scoring his first final win with heat wins no problem , but cruel! ,luck in finals allied to the feeling !hat without a Chevy he was on to a loser from the back of the grid caused Allan to snap up the first decent bid The offer came from that noted dealer in cars, lan Russell. Jan raced the car, as used by Allen with big Oldsmobile power, for much of the seventy seven season, but with a noted lack of success. And when he in turn had an offer in August of last year from Bert Finnikin it created something of a record in being the first southern car to be sold north for over a decade!

Bert recorded -the cars first final win at White City on August 20, and soon after changed the Olds for a Chevy from his old car after which there was no stopping him! finals at Long Eaton , Coventry , Belle Vue , Leicester and , wearing a red roof , !he end of season Skegness , made Bert, and Aillan Youngs southern stormer the talking point of '77.

Having got this far you might ask why isn’t the car illustrated as raced by Bert this year? Well a few weeks nay months ago Bert asked me if I would give it a sign job worthy of the name Supenfin. I explained lack of time precluded a couple of days with brush and aerosol, so we seltled for some illustrations of my idea of a Superfin paint job. well Bert, it 's taken a couple of months , but how about it? I recon Tarmac yellow chassis , green Tarmac body with white side panel, and writing "Superfin 55" three-dimension­ed in two tone silver grey merging into silver grey and black for semi legal numbers! Hope you like it, and hope to see it on the tracks oil not this year, maybe next!

Drawing by Keith Barber and reproduced from Stock Car Monthly July 1978