Bobby Burns 471 Supercar photo 175supercar_zps4382fa9a.jpg

It was a Golden Age according to some, but one thing for sure; twenty years ago the construction of a Formula One stock car was a much simpler operation than it is today.

Also, according to some, the names that made the sports record books were by and large rather more Bobby Burns most certainly was!

We turn to the October 1989 issue of STOCKCAR to illustrate...

" The Blond Bomber drives from his Ilford Essex home most weekends to wherever the Team tells him the racing is, and if everything goes to plan the 471 car is in tip top condition ready for Big Bad Bobby to do his dastardly deeds. It's not a foolproof arrangement - A couple of years back the team took the car to Skegness for a day of action while Bobby motored north to where he thought they would be racing; a clashing meeting at Aycliffe!"

The 'Team' who the persuasive Burns assembled to look after his machinery were led by Steve Houghton, who had learned his craft a decade earlier with John Jebson.

Early in1989 Bobby had seriously bent the former Richy Ahern car that he had been racing, so Houghton and gang were instructed to build something new.

They were also looking after the ex-Lund '87 World Winner being raced by another Londoner, Pete Bashford so copied many of the dimensions across, while the appearance was created by copying the roll cage and bonnet from the old Ahern car.

According to the 'Supercar'data of the time, the power unit was big displacement 'state of the art cubic inches, Brodix aluminum hi-rise manifold.

A bow-tie Chevy tall block, around 560' heads, and a big Holley on top of the Axles were 'British Standard 'FG front and rear, the gearbox was a ZF, while the classy sign work came from the master of the craft, Brian Evans. The car took Burns right back to the top of the sport with a series of late 1989final wins and in 1990 would give him his best ever year in the sport. In many ways, this illustration would have been best left to 1990, because during that year, with this car, he placed second to John Lund in the National Points title.

He is apparently mentor to the son of his old friend Richy Ahern, and there remains the hope that they might one day return to the F.I scene, but one thing for sure, the days when Bobby Burns was an F1 regular were some of the best, and the well-remembered Blond Bomber was a major Blond Bomber was a major contributor to the sports success.