384 John Jebson (1978 Supercar)

Drawing by Keith Barber and reproduced from Stock Car Monthly June 1978

I've often been accused of being obsessed by old time stock car racing, and whilst I would deny any such accusation. there is little doubt that featuring John Jebson’s “blast from the past" as a Seventies Supercar will add to my antiquarian reputation in some quarters!

In truth, I admire any team who have the imagination, drive and ability to create an original well constructed stock car. Few of the fans on the terraces have any real appreciation of the demands that keeping a stock car raceworthy make on a race team and their families, let alone the demands made when a complete new car is underconstruction. And nothing makes me more confident of the sports future than to see new names reaching the forefront either in terms of race successes, or creative recognition.

One such driver who first enjoyed the fruits of race successes last year was John Jebson. After four years of trying he bought the Roger Hollings- head car, and immediately showed that here was a talent that had been waiting for the right car to be able to come good. And this past winter, spurred by the success he decided to make his mark in the visual sense as well.

In Jebby’s words “the Batmobiles have gone as far as they can go." Having discounted the idea of trying to outsmart Harry Smith, his thoughts turned full circle to an age past, and thus was created “The Untouchable". The starting point was a self built chassis, having a short 96 inch wheelbase and a design not unlike the Frankie Wainman twin-rail pattern. The LS7 Chevy and Bedford box were taken from the Hollingshead car, linked to the familiar BMC LD rear axle. The front end is also the very familiar LD.

When it came to bodywork a 1934 Austin 10 was about the only “vintage" available, and John couldn't resist constructing an accurate replica Rolls Royce radiator grille to carry the theme to its illogical conclusion! Whether any of the hoods used Rollers in the prohibition era is a debateable point, but that “UntouchabIe" name was too good to pass up. particularly in view of its very apt significance in stock car racing. Having inspected his back bumper I can confirm his right to the title (as at May 1st!)

When it comes to credits, John claims most of the ideas himself, but adds that without untiring help from mechanic Paul Hawkins, Alan Davies and “superkid” Steve Houghton he wouldn't be racing today. And I wouldn't be able to single out “The Untouchable” as a Seventies Supercar.
Drawing by Keith Barber and reproduced from Stock Car Monthly June 1978