Dave Hodgson 272 Supercar

 photo sc272_zps0e44308b.jpg
Drawing by Keith Barber and reproduced from Stock Car Monthly April 1979

It is significant that this Supercar is raced by the first driver to be featured twice on 'page 2' of STOCK CAR MONTHLY, Dave Hodgson first making the page in July of 1977. On that occasion I commented on the fact that this 'new' driver had made much progress during 1976 with his Allan Barker Ford 'B' replica, but even more was expected with his latest "Super-Dodo" replica, also courtesy of the Allan Barker workshops. Well, not wishing to claim fame as a clairvoyant, I would add that it's likely, but only likely, that Dave Hodgson will take his latest wheels even further up the charts in '79 if his Christmas per-formance at White City is anything to go by.

Not surprisingly, Dave went to Allan Barker again for his latest racecar; the principal changes to its two-year-old predecessor being an all round search for lightness. Putting the two side by side, it's difficult to see a great difference but `Oggy' and Allan confirm that the saving is more in the region of hundredweights than pounds. Power, as before, comes from a Powles supplied 454 inch Chevy. It is worth relating that immeditely after Dave's White City win, the blocks of both cars and the transporter were cracked due to lack of anti-freeze, but all is now repaired. When the last supercar feature was written, Dave had ended the previous season at number twelve, and by July had risen, courtesy of the new car, to number eight. Well, by the end of '77, Oggy was at number five and by the end of '78 he had made it to number three, after enjoying a spell during the season at number two! Noted as a tarmac driver with few successes to his credit on shale, the ever increasing number of paved tracks would suggest that Dave is well prepared for an assault on the King himself during 1979, and in this new Allan Barker built car he would seem to have the wheels to do it. When it comes to the essential back-up he appears to have one of the best crews in the business.

Only the likes of Wainman, Harrison, Powles, Finnikin and Mellor and, of course, the man him-self, Mr. Smith, would argue about the chances of Dave 'Super Oggy' Hodgson, Auto Electrical engineer from Mirfield in Yorkshire, taking over as number one. It's gonna be a good season!