Glyndwn Pursey Supercar photo 175supercar_zps4382fa9a.jpg

Bromham Beds- expatriate Welshman Glyndwn Pursey returned home from Baarlo in Holland last August a disillusioned man but with a ray of hope that his fortune might be turning. Glyn hadn't fared at all well in Holland, a. had been finding it increasingly difficult to put in a creditable performance on tarmac tracks, but he'd picked up a tip from the Stu Smith crew on a modification or two which was to transform his hard-track performances, and it would be fair to say that the Dragon Man hasn't looked back since. The modification, which is now fairly widely applied by the top stars surrounds the alignment of the rear axle. Ask a top driver today what his wheelbase is and he will probably answer that it varies, It sounds silly, but its true, because by setting the rear axle forward on the off-side Glyn Pursey suddenly found he could drive tarmac. Within days of returning he won at Skegness, and then added a couple of Brafields in quick succes-sion to prove the point that he'd cracked how to drive tarmac. The problem now was shale!

For 1979 the Pursey crew set out to build a new but similar car incorporating the latest tweaks; some we know about some we don't, The chassis had been laid down during '78 so didn't follow the lightweight trends of its competitors, but Allen Young was again responsible for much of its as-sembly, along with its neater and more refined bodywork. Glyn debuted the car at Northampton on New Year's eve, but was running in a new 454 inch LS6 ,Chevy so didn't go in for any heroics. When the season proper got underway it was a different story. This year Glyn has won tarmac finals at Bradford, Northampton, Hartlepool and of course Harringay, where on July 28th he vvon his first ever major title; the Fl stook car European Championship. As for shale, he still has to work that secret out of the Superstu crew, but there is little doubt that given time friendly persuasion and a Newcastle Brain or two will provide the answer! Having said that, with the '79 World Final taking place on tarmac at White City, Manchester Glyn Pursey could so easily become the first truly southern Wort, Champion since Dave Chisholm. You can do it Glyn,