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Barrie sadly passed away on 8th October 2012, his heritage car reminds me of attening meetings when I was very small, I still love the sight and sound of the car which I'm sure keeps his memory very much alive. I decided it might be nice to collect a few artilces and memories. Some of the pictures here are not my own and have been collected from other sites, we've name checked everyone and hope they don't mind.

Barrie Shepherd - Driver Profile

Of the four Novice Drivers who made their debut at Long Eaton's Formula One Opener on 10th April, 1976, the one who has since made by far the biggest claim for fame must surely be Barrie Roy Shepherd (59) now better known to all Midland Stox fans as Shep. Shep rounded off his first season in fine style by taking Heat and Final at the last Lang Eaton and then just a couple of weeks later, he was awarded the Newcomer Of The Year title donated by Paul Slavin-The Anorak King-at the BSCRSA dinner dance. Born in Rugby, where he still lives, on 4th July, 1948, Barrie started taking an interest in Banger Racing in the early seventies and became a member of the famed Ullesthorpe Red Devils team in 1973.

The following year saw him voted 'Most Spectacular Driver of '74' and by the end of '75 the time had come to join the Big Stuff. With the aid of mechanic Gary, Shep set out to construct his own Fl Stocker and a fine job was made of it too. Several modifications were needed after the car had hit the tracks because building from scratch it was a case of trial and error. To this end Barrie is quick to praise the help and ad-vice given by the more experienced drivers such as Stu Smith. Barnes first year successes came at places as far apart as Bristol and Belle Vue but he has no hesitation in naming Long Eaton as his favour-ite track because that's his "lucky track". In fact, a full set of 1976 Long Eaton programmes chronicles the early days of Shep's career very nicely. Just two months after his very first outing, it was at Station Road where he first qualified for a meeting Final with a sixth in the Consolation event. Four weeks later at the 10th July Long Eaton meet-ing Barrie recorded the first win of his career on the night he appeared as a `B' grader for the first time.

The remaining weeks of that dry, hot summer, Barry Shepherd spent travelling, gaining experience all the time from outings at such wildly dif-fering tracks as Sheffield and Bristol; Brafield and Belle Vue, until the Late Summer Bank Holiday weekend saw the beginning of the final push on the path to 'A' grade status. The much publicised Long Eaton staged Grand Classic meeting on the Saturday and the equally well pub-licised 100-car Race Of Champions meeting at Northampton the next day added a race win each to the Shepherd collection and on the Monday Afternoon at Bristol a fifth place in the day's Final became the closest yet to actually winning one. A Consolation win at Belle Vue on British Drivers' Championship night in September and a sixth in the Final at the same venue in October meant that a Blue Roof by season's end was now a very real possibility for the Rugby Racer. And, of course, it was Station Road, Long Eaton, where Barrie finally clinched it with the outstanding achievement of his racing life to date a 24-point Heat and Final maximum plus a Grand National seventh in a field of 14! Of the 328 drivers who raced in 1976, only 52 scored more points than 59! Not bad for a first attempt! Barrie's total of eight race wins helped him to score 170 points from 39 appearances, thus giving him a meeting average of 4.36. A bit of luck during the opening weeks of this season, together with a slight improvement in his meeting averages, should see Barrie achieve his ambition of appearing no doubt at Long Eaton with a Red Roof before many more grading periods pass by. Off the tracks, Barrie likes listening to John Denver music and breeding tropical fish and he is quite pos-sibly the only Stox Racer whose trade is that of steam turbine blade polisher! Married with two children, Lee aged 8 and Sarah aged 6, his wife Pat accompanies him to meet-ings as often as possible in one of those longish coach-cum-transporters that pit marshals everywhere have nightmares about. For this season the 1976 car has been re-built and again nicely painted by the 59 crew whilst under the bonnet sits the 454 Chev with which Stu Bamforth won his World Title last September. On its way to Rugby during the winter, the engine stopped off at the Brian Powles' workshop for a complete re-build in-cluding many new parts. But, no doubt, Barrie is hoping that some of the 'Bionic Bammy Dust' is cling-ing on somewhere! Eve of season news that a Barrie Shepherd Fan Club is about to be launched further points to the fact that Barrie is no longer up and coming he's there! Fan club details can be had from Carole Kemp, 35 Oxford Street, Rugby, Warks. CV21 3NF. One of the things that Barrie would like to see for the future in the BriSCA Stox World is a more regular pattern of fixtures in the South-East and London area. I have no doubt that when those days do return, BriSCA's very own steam tur-bine blade polisher will trundle off down the M1 to polish off a Red TOWS share of the prize fund—some-thing he looks like making a habit of here in the Midlands in '77,



The Heritage Supercar !

Built by Barrie Shepherd & Garry Tressler, owned and raced by Barrie Shepherd.

This project started after Barrie raced at Northampton in the Bamforth challenger back in 2005.

First time ever, in a car after racing F1 twenty five years ago as a red top. As of old he was first to the checquered flag.

Barrie asked Gary Tressler could they build a replica of the car that Garry and Barrie had built thirty years ago.Work commenced in November 2005, ith about 10 twenty four foot lengths of box section & two inch tube, photos of the original car and a vernier to work a scale as, no records were kept of the actual measurements of the orignal car.Garry & Barrie worked every Wednesday evening and most weekends to complete the car with help from parts from Essex, Fairford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Gloucestershire etc. All fabricated parts made at Garrys work shop.

The 1977 cars had a Chrysler engine where the replica has a 454 Chevy. It was impossible to obtian a 440. The replicat car has the same axels and springs from a Morris LD van, humber scout car steering box and a Morris FG radiator.

All paint work was carried out by Garry and Barry. Sign writing by L&R Graphic Designs (Garrys neice)
Can you guess what make of donor car was used for the roof.

Copied from the information board that was with the car at the 2010 World Final Meeting at Coventry. Thanks to Garry and Barrie for putting the information on show, hope you don't mind us sharing it with a wider public.


Image source Picture taken by George Rimmer